Red Dragon Vapour Blasting, Wrexham, North Wales & Mid Wales

Motorcycle, car and industrial component cleaning. Fast, efficient and friendly service where quality matters

For the Restorer in the Wrexham, North Wales, Mid Wales North Shropshire & Cheshire areas.

Being restorers of Classic motorcycles ourselves we know the importance of getting components such as cylinder heads, cylinders, engine casings, metalwork and tinwork clean without damage. We are aware that the need for careful handling and cleaning of valuable, and sometimes irreplaceable components cannot be over emphasised. We treat your components like our own.

For the car restorer our services can also restore such items as suspension arms, steering racks and all those metal components that are too good to throw away but due to rust and surface imperfections detract from the overall finish of the car.

For industrial clients, these are examples of services we offer:


  • Surface finishing of industrial components such as stainless steel weld discolouration.
  • Cleaning aluminium machined components for a perfect finish before anodising.
  • Peening and surface finishing of aerospace and automotive components.
  • Machine component decontamination
  • Cleaning corroded steel components.
  • Deep cleaning of plastic moulds using specialist equipment.

We guarantee your component(s) will be refinished and ready to go within 10 working days of receipt

The latest component cleaning images are uploaded onto our Facebook page 'Red Dragon Vapour Blasting'. Check it out to see what we do and the finishes we produce.