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All prices quoted are approximate as the amount of work required can vary according to the condition of the component.

Vapour Blasting

Single cylinder price guide:
Air cooled head-£20
Water cooled head-£12
Air cooled barrel-£25
Water cooled barrel-£20
Crankcases (pair)-£40

Twin cylinder price guide:
Air cooled head-£32
Water cooled head-£20
Air cooled barrel-£35
Water cooled barrel-£30
Crankcases (pair)-£50
Triple cylinder price guide:
Air cooled head-£45
Water cooled head-£30
Air cooled barrel-£45
Water cooled barrel-£40
Crankcases (pair)-£60

Four cylinder price guide:
Air cooled head-£55
Water cooled head-£40
Air cooled barrel-£55
Water cooled barrel-£50
Crankcases (pair)-£80


Dry Blasting

Brake Calipers

Single cylinder price guide:
Single carb-£19
Twin carb-£29
Triple carb-£39
Quadruple carb-£49

These prices are for stripped down carbs. If the carbs need to be stripped and reassembled the price will be higher.

Please remember that ultrasonic will not remove oxidation and stains on the external casings. To get that ‘new’ look it is recommended that the carb is vapour blasted prior to ultrasonic cleaning

Dry blasting is predominantly used on ferrous metals such as Iron barrels, running gear and tinwear.

Prices for barrels are the same as vapour blasting. Other items please call for a quote, call in with the item or E-mail images.

Brake calipers start at £25 but as they vary greatly in size please call for a quote or bring it along for us to see.

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