A high quality Vapour Blasting Service in the Wrexham area

The image to the left of a Bultaco side cover shows the difference between the original weathered finish, dry blasting and vapour blasting. Dry blasting gives a dull matt finish, which has its place, but the vapour blasting gives that beautiful satin finish.

What surfaces does vapour blasting work on?

Vapour blasting (also known as Aqua blasting) is the best surface finishing to get that clean as new look to Aluminium and non-ferrous metals. We don't use heavy abrasives like sand or grit that can seriously damage the surface.

At Red Dragon Vapour Blasting, Wrexham, we use micro glass beads mixed with water that creates a slurry which gently clears away grime and oxidation from components without damaging the surface. This leaves a satin like finish which is resistant to picking up small blemishes such as finger marks.

For industrial clients, these are examples of services we offer:

  • Aluminium
  • Titanium
  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Magnesium
  • Brass
  • Stop Press!!
    We now add a rust inhibitor to the blast solution which means we can vapour blast ferrous metals giving a rust free surface for over 6 months. If treated after this time with ACF50 ferrous metals will remain rust free indefinitely
    After vapour blasting all components are thoroughly blasted with air and coated with an oxidation inhibitor.
    Please note:
    All components to be processed must be degreased and all parts such as bearings and bushes removed before vapour blasting can be carried out. We can do this but it will increase the cost. It’s best if you clean the components before their arrival.

    For quality Vapour Cleaning, call:
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    The latest component cleaning images are uploaded onto our Facebook page 'Red Dragon Vapour Blasting'. Check it out to see what we do and the finishes we produce.